Turkey Day

Well, it has come and almost gone, and I am pooped! This Thanksgiving meal thing is hard. I knew I had an ambitious meal planned, but I was sure that with David’s help, we would be fine. Ha!

It started with breakfast; I made my mom’s oven omelet. It was yummy. We looked through some of the good sales going on tomorrow, and then we headed out for Truman’s walk. Once we returned, the leisure of the day was over. I’m pretty sure we started everything around 12:45, and I didn’t really stop until we sat down and ate at 6:00. I knew it was going to be an endeavor (I’ve seen Thanksgiving happen a few times in my life), but I did not expect this. I thought I would have plenty of sit down time while things were in the oven, but that didn’t happen.

David was a huge help. He not only helped with prep work, but he also helped make drinks :). That was much needed so that the cook could relax a little bit. I couldn’t have made this meal with my sous chef, that’s for sure.
When it was all said and done, the meal was a success. The menu: Roasted turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, cucumbers, and cloverleaf rolls. For dessert, we had an apple cake with caramel glaze. Ambitious, yes. Impossible? Nah!
So, Happy Turkey Day, everyone. We missed our families, but we know we’ll see everyone soon for Christmas. Maybe we’ll host Thanksgiving one year for you guys. We certainly had enough food.


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