Christmas Card Picture Take 20…

So today we embarked on the adventure known to many of taking a picture for our Christmas cards. This was the first time we decided to do such a thing. We thought it would be pretty easy since normally Truman loves the camera. We don’t even have to tell him to look at the camera. Well, today was a different story. It probably had to do with the fact that we took the picture in our backyard, and it was only 40 degrees outside. This is very cold to Truman whose coat is not very long. To make it even harder on us, we decided to sit on this big rock. Apparently the rock was very cold to Truman, and he refused to do anything but hover over the rock.

We made more than several attempts to take our picture. We tried me holding Truman while David set the timer on the camera and vice versa. We’re still not sure if we got a very good picture, so we might just go with one of the funnier photos. We have David looking at Truman, while I’m looking at the camera; me looking at Truman while David looked at the camera; both of us looking at Truman while he looked at the camera…

In the end we settled for a decent picture and decided to try something inside. That didn’t exactly work. We weren’t able to get one of the 3 of us, but David got some good pictures of Truman and me, and some not so good but funny ones. This one to the right is a good example. David seemed to think he should go ahead and take the picture even though he saw what Truman was doing. Oh, the holiday memories.

We’ll have to wait and see what picture we choose for our Christmas card. We’d have you guys vote, but we’re pretty sure this picture would be chosen, and that can’t go to our grandmas. So, that happened…


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