David and I left for our annual Christmas trek to Missouri on Friday afternoon. When we left NC, it was 70 degrees. Hard to believe, even for NC. We were so blessed not to run into any weather problems. There were some minor traffic setbacks, but nothing good conversation and music couldn’t get us through. We had a few snacks in the car, too. Truman didn’t seem to mind the long trip. I think he settled in for a nap once we got moving.
Well, we arrived in Missouri Saturday afternoon around 4:00 p.m., and it was maybe 28. Unfortunately, that was hot compared to today. Today, I think the high reached 7, and that was without wind chill factored in. Right now it is -19. Nothing like a -89 degrees from where we started. We tried to let Truman run around outside at the Bunge’s, but that lasted for about 5 minutes. We quickly moved indoors to let him play with Apollo, Katie’s dog. That wore him out.
It is certainly nice to be home. We didn’t get to see our families at Thanksgiving, having to settle for everyone passing the phone around so we could talk to them. It’s so nice to be here. We were ready to hit the road Friday afternoon.
Tomorrow is David’s birthday. I am planning on making him chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and then we are headed to Columbia in the afternoon to grab lunch. I am going to attempt a double-chocolate rum cake that he requested. It doesn’t look too difficult, but we’ll see how that goes. If it all turns out, David will be certainly not go hungry tomorrow. Yep, so that happened…


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