Davidson vs. Duke

Wednesday night, David and I got the opportunity to go to the Davidson-Duke men’s basketball game at Cameron Indoor. David received the tickets from his parents as a birthday present. We had been looking forward to the game since December 22. We had awesome seats – 2nd level, behind the basket on the opposite side of the band. Even though it was a packed stadium, David spotted one of his classmates who was practically court side. There is something about being one of a few, though. It certainly makes for an exciting game.

From the tip-off it was a loud game. Obviously there were not a large number of people cheering for Davidson, so we took every opportunity we could to yell, “Go Davidson!” and to clap and cheer whenever Davidson scored or made a good defensive play. Basically, we were trying to annoy the people around us. And it seemed to work since we got told to, “Sit down,” once.

David and I weren’t so sure we wanted to stick around the way the second half started. At one point, Davidson was down by 25 points. It seemed that we might come back, though. Curry got hot, we were making some great defensive plays, and the gap started to close. Despite some great plays and a late run by Davidson, we just couldn’t tie it up.

It was a great game, though, and we were glad that we were there in person. If anything, it was worth experiencing the buzz around Cameron Indoor. It is a great atmosphere for basketball. I just don’t think I’d want to play there. So that happened…


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