Snow Day!

Today, we enjoyed something very foreign to us here in North Carolina – A snow day! Now, granted, it doesn’t take much for a snow day around here, maybe an inch or so. This morning, though, we already had a couple of inches on the ground. It was the first actual snow we’ve had since living here. We had a small snow two years ago, but it melted by the afternoon. This time, it stuck, and it kept snowing.

We took Truman to the nearby ball fields and let him loose. He love running around in the snow. He kept pushing it around with his muzzle and trying to eat it. David kept throwing snowballs at him, and time and time again, Truman would jump up for them.

We made sure to get a few pictures with our guy before heading back home. He sure loves the camera.

I had to make sure and get a picture of the house with all the beautiful snow. It all looks so serene when the ground is blanketed and all the tree branches are covered. And who knows when we’ll get more snow like this. We wanted to make the most of it while we could.


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