Around the House

David and I did some extensive re-organizing around the house today. Normally, I wouldn’t say it was anything to write home about, much less blog about, but our work today involved hanging a couple of beautiful light fixtures. One of which we purchased 1 1/2 years ago when we moved into our house. The installation was no small feat.

This is this light fixture my brother, Scott, gave us as a Christmas present (Thank you, Scott). It’s from the Museum of Modern Art. It is absolutely beautiful! We hung it above the chair and ottoman in the living room.

Speaking of the living room, we moved our smaller bookcase upstairs. We were originally going to move the one from the office downstairs and put behind our couch to house our extensive dvd collection. This didn’t work because the bookcases are taller than the couch. We tried numerous arrangements, and settled on moving them both back into the office. We’re getting close to having the office the way we want it, but now we have a sparse wall in the living room.

Finally, we didn’t do it today, but last weekend. We put a rug under our dining room table. We could probably use a bigger one, but we really liked how the rug tied in the colors from the living and dining rooms. It also had white in it, adding a nice contrast from the table and floors.

We got a lot done today, but we’re always surprised how long everything takes us. And, of course, we only created more projects for ourselves (getting frames and adding pictures, then hanging them on the wall). That’s the fun part of having a house, though. You have the freedom to change things and do what you want. And for that we are very grateful. It’s all part of the adventure of making a house a home. So that happened…


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