I Heart You

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and we enjoyed a good one. I decided to make some heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and then we exchanged cards. I prefer to find a funny one to give to David; whereas, David usually errs to the romantic side. He always writes a message that is so sweet it almost makes me cry. I’m such a cry baby.
David had purchased tickets to a showing of The Tempest at the Common Ground Theatre in Durham. He read about the theatre in the Independent, I guess while searching for something unique to do on Valentine’s Day. I won’t say much about the show other than Ferdinand looked remarkably like Ben Savage (Corey on Boy Meets World). Community theatre is a wonderful thing, indeed!
After the play, we picked up some calla lillies (one of my favorite flowers) and my favorite cake from Whole Foods. The cake is angel food with chocolate frosting, featuring a custard center and topped with fresh berries. We had opted to make a nice dinner at home rather than go out since Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday. To be honest, though, we have kind of made it a tradition to stay in and cook a nice meal instead of going out. We’ve been doing it for the past 5 years. It was a wonderful day that we spent without anyone checking emails or doing work. This is rare for both of us. David’s nose was back to the grindstone all day today, though.
Even though many people consider Valentine’s Day an Hallmark holiday, I think I disagree. Maybe I disagree because I’m married, but I feel the day brings out the reminder of the many blessings we have in our lives. David and I were talking about how blessed we are to be loved by so many family and friends. And, no matter how old I get, I will never tire of receiving a Valentine’s card from my parents. This was truly a happy Valentine’s Day.


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