Snow in March

Well, for a state that doesn’t get much snow – ever – we have now had two substantial snows. And by substantial, I mean more than 2″, because, let’s face it, that’s substantial for North Carolina. After 2 solid weekend days of rain, it got cold enough to turn to snow overnight last night, and we ended up with a good 4″. For those of you who don’t think that’s much, some places to the west of us actually ended up with 8″-12″. That is a lot, unless you live way up north.

I was fortunate enough to have a snow day. (David was not. He enjoyed the distinct pleasure of driving to Chapel Hill, which took twice as long as usual.) This was nice because a very yucky illness fell upon me early Saturday evening and didn’t leave me until last night. I had felt queasy leading up to it, so I had felt like my weekend had been shot. Alas, this beautiful snow was bestowed upon me, I mean us, and I had the opportunity to get some work done. (Okay, so blogging is not “getting work done”, but I pretty much got myself organize and finished all of that earlier today.) I would’ve loved to go sledding, but it would’ve been alone, and we don’t actually own a sled since we’re not used to snow here. And I’m not good at makeshift. I feel like I’ve reached a point where at a ripe old 26-years and 8-months, I just enjoy watching the snow fall and looking at the beautiful picture it creates. Seriously, it is very pretty seeing the snow on all of the trees outside. I think I get that sentimentality from my mother.

I am looking forward to my walk with Truman. He loves the snow, so it’s always quite the adventure walking him in it. Let’s just hope that goes well because while I am feeling much better, I still get tired and light-headed after being up and about for extended periods of time. Always a good reason to have David make dinner.


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