After working on the inside of the house for over a year, David and I have finally been able to get outside in the yard and do some work. Over the past couple of months we have been spending some of our weekends weeding, digging up, planting and ground-covering. We’re not quiet finished yet, but here’s some of what we’ve done so far:

Front yard. Its actually got some grass now.

We’ve laid some pine straw down in the front.
David dug up some sickly azalea bushes and we planted another gardenia bush. We are getting ready to put some rock in front of the house.

We also put pine straw in the back and put in some new plants. On the right, all of our hostas came back, and we planted two hydrangea plants.

On the left, we’ve planted some more hostas, ostrich ferns, amethyst astibles, Virginia bluebells and cyclamen. They’re just starting to come up, so it will be a bit before there’s a lot to look at.


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