Happy Anniversary

David and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday. We, well maybe I, had decided that we would go the traditional route with our gifts to each other. The first 2 years were simple: The first year was paper, and I got David B.B. King concert tickets. Last year was linen/cotton, and we went to Germany and Spain and agreed that would be the really nice hotel we stayed at. This year was a bit more difficult – leather. David has leather shoes and a leather briefcase. He has a leather camera case. He has leather belts (not that I would get a belt, but you see my point). Well, it was down to a leather beer bottle holster and a leather cigar case. While I decided on the latter, I will keep the other one in my gift repertoire for another year. I feel a future Father’s Day gift calling… Anyway, I gave him a leather cigar case with 3 nice cigars in it, the idea being that he and our dads could celebrate the arrival of our baby with them. He loved it.
I had no idea what David was going to get me. He’s a very good gift giver, so I didn’t doubt that he would come up with something good. I was not expecting what he gave me – a Kate Spade diaper bag! I’m pretty sure when I saw the tissue paper with “Kate Spade” written on it my heart started to beat very rapidly, and I looked at him like, “You didn’t?”. I still didn’t know it would be a diaper bag. It is beautiful. And he even made sure it’s wipable and stain resistant.
David said he already knows I will be a great mother, and now I can do it in style :). I have such an awesome husband!

To cap it all off, we went to dinner at a fabulous French restaurant in Raleigh, Saint Jacques.

We both started off with salads. I got the mixed green salad and David got the crusted warm goat cheese salad. We shared an order of escargots. In between our salads and entrees we were given a nice subtle sorbet to cleanse our palates. For our entrees I ordered the lamb osso bucco: Fresh lamb shank braised for 12 hours until fork tender and served over roasted root vegetables and white bean ragoût, finished with the braising lamb juice reduction, and David ordered the veal oscar style: Thinly hand cut veal top round, topped off with fresh lump crab meat and a warm hollandaise sauce, served on potato galette and fresh poached asparagus. For dessert David had the mousse au chocolat and I enjoyed the warm peche delight a la mode. It was simply scrumptulescent :).

It was a very memorable 3rd anniversary, and I’m excited to start our 4th year together. (okay, so even though I turned off the italics it is still typing in italics). So that happened…


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