It came to me in a dream…

Today David and I found out that we are having a baby boy! The funny thing was that I had been thinking “girl” all along until last night. I woke up this morning and told David that I had several vivid dreams through the night and 2 of them involved me holding our baby. I have had several dreams where I am pregnant, but none about the gender. My older brother, Scott, and my mom both had dreams about us having a boy. Well, in my dreams last night I was holding our son. I told David not to get too excited since a dream may not mean much. In this instance, I was apparently having a psychic moment.
It was such a wonderful ultrasound. WakeMed has a 3D/4D lab at their main hospital, so we headed there this morning for our 8:45 appointment. For 30 blissful minutes, we were able to see our son! The technician began by showing us the brain and pointing out the fossa and developing lobes. Everything was normal (check). Then she moved onto the heart and pointed out the ventricles and the how the blood was pumping. Healthy and check. Then she pointed out the kidneys. I recognized everything else without much aid, but I had to take her word on the kidneys. They were healthy, too. After checking to make sure we had a healthy baby, she asked if we wanted to know the gender. We both said yes, and she moved down. Well, the baby was not shy, and he was more than happy to open his legs. There was no question our baby was a boy.
It was all so surreal. I was so happy to hear how healthy he was that I didn’t really react much to finding out the gender. I could see how happy David was, and I was happy, but no tears. It didn’t really hit me until we were waiting for the elevator to head back to the car. Then I looked at David and he smiled and we hugged, and all the happiness overcame me. We are going to have a baby boy! No more trying to say “he/she” or “the baby” to avoid an “it” slip. We can now say “he”. We can even call him by his name (but only around each other b/c that’s remaining a secret).
We had a gift card to Target that we had agreed we would use to get a couple of outfits once found out. Well, once we started looking, we ended up spending the entire gift card on clothing and a cute blanket. I loved how much David was a part of it. He didn’t just say, “Whatever you like.” He picked items out and enjoyed looking for baby things.
Here are some of the clearer pictures we got that you all will probably be most interested in. We also got pictures of the brain and facial cavities, but those are a bit creepy. I hope you guys enjoy. So, that happened…


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