Baby Body

A lot has seemed to change in just the past 2 weeks. Suddenly people are noticing I’m pregnant. By “people” I mean a whopping 3 who didn’t know have asked me about my bump. The best so far was from a dad at The Aspen Center. He asked, “What’s that bump there?”. I told him, “A baby”. Then he said he thought maybe a couple weeks ago, but didn’t want to say anything. I asked him what he would’ve done if I hadn’t said it was a baby. He replied, “Well, we’ve been coming here for a year now, and you’re pretty trim, so I felt like it was a safe guess.” I thought that was so sweet. He even thought I wasn’t due until December maybe. Everyone has been so nice to me during this pregnancy, from making comments about my little baby bump to telling me that they don’t know many women 5 months along who still have a silhouette. It makes my day when someone gives me a compliment about my baby body :).
I have finally purchased some maternity clothes, too. My tops still fit, but they are not as long as they use to be. I don’t want to stretch out my tops to no return, either. I was actually able to find some tops that weren’t maternity but they were my size in a tall. The shorts and pants were the main issue. My belly band is getting annoying to adjust because when I sit it doesn’t always stay in place. I was able to find some cute pants and shorts today, and I even bought a nice little dress. All in all, it was a pretty successful outing. The swimsuit is an entirely different story…


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