The Big 2-0!

Obviously, I am not just turning 20. I am glad that is over with, although I’m sure there may come a day I wish I was turning 20 instead of another number. No, on Wednesday, I hit the 20 week mark in my pregnancy. That means I am halfway there to our baby boy. It seems that the time doesn’t go by so quickly when I’m waiting for my next appointment, but when I think about when we found out we were pregnant, it doesn’t seem like it’s already been 5 months. It has been, though, and we had our 20 week appointment today. It was pretty “in and out”. They did all the measurements 2 weeks ago at our big ultrasound and my uterus isn’t much past my navel, so there’s not anything to measure there. Our little boy was a lot more cooperative today, though, and the doctor found his heartbeat right away. A nice 140 bpm or so. He even moved a couple of times, which was cool to hear on the doppler. I couldn’t feel him, though. I am feeling him move more, but still irregularly and nothing that David can feel when he puts his hands on my belly. Our next appointment is at the end of July. I’ll be 24 weeks then! So that happened…


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