Boom, Boom, Pow…

Okay, it’s cheesy (and an awful song – I mean, what is Fergie even talking about?), but our little boy is moving up a storm these past few days. It all started on Friday when we were headed to our 20 week appointment. I felt 2 distinguishable movements in my lower right abdomen. I got so excited, and then nothing for the rest of the day really. I was a bit bummed but knew that when you first start to feel your baby it’s not always consistent. On Saturday, though, he started to move some more. I found that he was most active after meals when my belly was really tight. I kept trying to get David to feel it, but the baby would stop when David had his hands on my belly. He kept telling me it was okay, but I really wanted him to experience it, too. Well, Sunday, we went to the neighborhood pool, and after I did some laps and got out, I lay down for a while. The boy went crazy! I told David to put his hand and feel, and he felt it :). Then we could both see the movements when we looked at my belly. It was awesome! David didn’t know what to expect and seemed taken aback at what he was feeling and seeing. I was so happy that he could finally share in the experience.
Now our little boy is moving a lot. I usually don’t feel him until I sit or lay down, but it hasn’t gotten old. I don’t think it ever will. I get so excited every time I feel him, and I still gasp when he gets started. He’s started moving during lunch and today he moved during a therapy session. I just smiled to myself because our little boy is there with me and I’m so aware of it. It’s like mommy and baby are sharing a moment together. He’s part of my session with me, and that makes it a little better. I love this part, and I’m so in love with our little boy!
So that happened…


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