Funny Story, Actually

Yesterday afternoon one of the little boys I work with made me laugh. (Keep in mind this is a boy who just turned 3.) Our session was over and he was asking me to tackle him. This is something we use to do after each session because it makes him laugh and he likes to tackle me back. Well, this time when he asked, his mom told him that I couldn’t, but soon I’d be able just to hover above him and my belly could tackle him. She has told him about my “baby belly”, so he pointed at my stomach and said, “Baby in belly”. He then proceeded to try and see the baby in my belly. He lifted up my shirt a little bit, thinking he could see it, and then started to try to pull my shorts down when he couldn’t. I had to stop him there. His mom told him he can’t actually see him because he’s inside my belly. The little boy then went to get his little MagnaDoodle and placed it on top of my stomach. He tried to hand the baby the pen to doodle :). I took the pen and drew a baby and placed it back on my stomach. I told him, “There, you can see him now.” He responded, “baby belly”.
Things got even funnier when he went to give me a hug and attempted to look down my shirt to see the baby. He clearly did not understand that he wouldn’t be able to see the baby by looking at my belly. I think his mom was embarrassed, but I just laughed. He then did something really sweet. I had given him a sticker for doing good work during our session, and he decided to give it to the baby. He took the sticker off and put it on my belly. It was very cute.
So that happened…


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