Sustainable Romance

First of all, I feel like I haven’t blogged in a while. I guess there are two reasons for this: 1.) As I enter into these last few months of my pregnancy, I don’t always have the motivation to blog about things. Lately, something has to be really important to blog about it. 2.) I can’t say that something “blog worthy” has occurred until recently. Although, this is our blog, and as long as we deem it worthy, we can blog about it. So I guess the big reason is me being lazy as the pregnancy progresses.
To the main event: we went on a babymoon this past weekend. This was something I’d read about in my Fit Pregnancy magazine. I thought it sounded like a fun idea, but I didn’t really do much more than glance over it. It was David, while reading through the magazine, who became intrigued. He noticed that one of the locations was nearby.

The Proximity Hotel, in Greensboro, NC is the only LEED Platinum certified hotel and restaurant in the United States. Pretty cool, huh? (The answer would be “yes”.) Given that David works in solar, this was definitely a location he was interested in for our babymoon. The fact that they had a package called “Sustainable Romance” wasn’t too shabby, either. In fact, once I looked at the website and saw pictures of the rooms and read they offered prenatal massages, I was ready to go. We decided that we would go in my third trimester, but not too late because I wanted to be comfortable and enjoy the weekend. We left mid-afternoon and arrived early enough to settle in our room before enjoying a fabulous dinner at the hotel’s Print Works Bistro. The best part was dessert – I ordered the profiteroles that came with vanilla ice cream and “lots of hot chocolate”. It was funny because when it came out, I was surprised by how much it was. There were three separate puff pastries with vanilla ice cream in the middle. Then came the coup de grace, the pot of hot chocolate, which the server proceeded to pour on top of the pastries. David laughed at me when I said, “That’s a lot of chocolate. Was I supposed to say ‘when’?”. When I asked why he was laughing, he told me, “The description said, ‘lots of hot chocolate’ “. I was only able to eat one and David managed to eat one after eating his chocolate almond cake. We couldn’t eat the third.
The entire weekend was so relaxing. Both nights, I got to enjoy a wonderful bath. Saturday morning, we enjoyed some room service for breakfast and then headed to the gym. I felt so proud of myself – almost 30 weeks pregnant and working out on the elliptical machine! After we were done in the gym, we went swimming. I loved being in the pool because I felt like I didn’t have 20 extra pounds on me. I swam and swam while David mostly sat in the shade reading the paper. That was fine by me, though. I even managed to get a bit of sun on my baby belly. I got to cap it all off with an hour long prenatal massage. I tried really hard to stay awake so that I could remember techniques that David could use ;). The other great thing was finding comfortable positions for me to lay in when sleeping. I have slept better this week since being back, and that is a huge blessing.
Saturday night we had dinner at Ganache. My co-worker, Heidi, recommended it to me. She mentioned that it had great desserts and good food, so we decided to go there. Dinner was good, but we really enjoyed our slice of white raspberry cake. There was one that involved decadent chocolate cake, fudge, ganache, chocolate mousse and chocolate frosting. I considered it, but after the “lots of hot chocolate” I had the night before, I decided to pass, much to David’s dismay. We’ll just have to go back again so I can try that cake.
We headed back Sunday morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead. I realized once again what a wonderful husband I have and just how much he loves me (not that I need a babymoon to know that). This babymoon was a needed recharger for us. We were able to spend some key “couple” time together without worrying about anything else we had to do or take care of. We also talked a lot about our son and how excited we are to be parents soon. Taking this babymoon was definitely one of our better ideas. I would highly recommend it to any pregnant woman/couple who needs a little rejuvenation in the home stretch.
Here are some more pictures from our stay. They’re all of the room.


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