Before anyone gets in a tizzy, there is not another surprise, I just titled this post that because I am sharing the story of how I told David we were having a baby. Someone recently asked how I told him, and I realized I never did share that story with anyone outside of our family. So, without further ado…
First, this was all planned. I don’t know why, but several people asked this, and so I feel the need to let it be known. So, when I say David was surprised, he wasn’t surprised that we were going to be having a baby, just that it happened so quickly. I also want to say that we were both ecstatic.
I had a feeling that I was pregnant pretty early on. I don’t know if a test would’ve confirmed it as early as I “knew”, so I waited until 5 weeks. My first sign was the smell of coffee. I have come to have an affinity toward hazelnut coffee. I brewed myself a cup each morning to take to work. One morning, I didn’t smell hazelnut; rather, I smelled bitterness and nothing else. When I took a drink, it just tasted bitter. I also started to find myself hungrier than usual. Now, I could’ve chalked this up to the fact that I’d gotten very sick a week earlier and hadn’t eaten much in several days, but I knew it was more. It was hard to keep this to myself, but I didn’t want to get David’s hopes up. Mine were already high enough for both of us, and probably both sets of parents.
I decided to take a pregnancy test on a Wednesday. They say to wait a minute or two, but I saw that plus sign in maybe 10 secs or less. David was actually just down the hall, in the office, but I managed to keep it to myself. I wanted to take the opportunity to surprise him and make a big deal out of the fact he was going to be a dad. I decided I would let him know when he got home Friday evening from work, giving me enough time to plan and prep.
I printed out baby footprints and had them leading to the kitchen from the front door. The footprints stopped at the kitchen table where I had wrapped the pregnancy test and put a stuffed animal next to it. We had picked up this rabbit almost a month ago when we were doing some shopping. I wanted it for our baby that we would have one day, and David couldn’t turn me down. Anyway, so I had that set-up and then I had Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t she lovely” ready to play when he came in the door. I was getting excited just setting the whole thing up.
Well, finally David got home and I hit play on the music and went upstairs. I wanted him to be alone and hear his reaction. It sort of worked :). He saw the footprints and went into the kitchen, but then just kept asking Truman, “Where’s Amy? Is she hiding?”. Finally, I said, “No, I’m not hiding. I wanted to surprise you and have you open the gift alone.”. Needless to say, David was very happy and excited about me being pregnant. He insisted we go out to dinner to celebrate. It was awesome. Now, here we are 25 weeks later, with our baby boy on the way soon. So, that happened…


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