Our Little Man’s Room

Our little man’s room has come a long way from the office that it use to be. It all started with a vision and a little persuasion to get David to completely remove all traces of an office space. For those of you who don’t know, this is what the room use to look like:
The tall bookcase went downstairs to the living room to create a reading nook, and the two small bookcases remained in the room to be re-purposed.

Our diplomas went to our respective offices at work. The vases went into the guest room for decoration.

The chair was sold (no use for it since David no longer had an office), and the exercise ball deflated (I wouldn’t be able to really use it soon).
This is sans desk, but everything else is pretty much the way it was before. The only thing that had to stay was our Internet hook-ups since they have to be in this room. We came up with a clever idea to hide those away, though.
So, once everything was cleared away, all that remained were the 2 small bookcases. The first things in were the crib and an area rug. The floor tiles remained, but they were a bit rough for baby. The crib was a steal from Target and went perfectly with the bookcases.
Next, we got some baskets to use as storage in the bookcases. One bookcase holds the lamp next to the rocking chair, and the other one became the changing table and holds all the necessities for changing our little man and getting him ready for his day/night.

The awesome tree you’re catching a glimpse of was painted by my co-worker’s (Jamie) husband, Brennan. He basically donated his entire Sunday this past weekend to painting it. The following are a couple of different tree views:
Here’s a picture of this frog organizer we spotted at Ikea. I have to say “thanks” to my co-worker, Michele, for her suggestion to put it behind the door. We’re hoping to fill this up with stuffed animals and other toys.
Last, but certainly not least, is the closet. It’s not quite completed yet, but I wanted to show just how much we do NOT need any more clothes for our boy. This just includes up to 1-year. There are three storage bins not pictured full of clothes to dress him until he is at least 2- 2 1/2.

One of the only things we have left to do is find a place for some alphabet cards I picked up. I have an idea of how to display them, but we’ll see. And we’re thinking of this wall because it’s a bit bare in comparison to the rest of the room.
I think the transformation has been wonderful, and we couldn’t have hoped for anything better. I know our son won’t really care a whole lot as long as he’s comfortable in his bed, but this room is really what I envisioned. We pretty much just need one more little thing to make it complete…

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