Giving Thanks

This past Thanksgiving our family had so much to be thankful for. First and foremost, David and I were thankful for being blessed with our beautiful son, Harrison. We were also blessed with David’s family visiting us. David’s mom came into town last Friday and stayed with us for a week. She was an immense help to us. I did not have to prepare one single meal, although I did help with the preparation for Thanksgiving. She gave me the opportunity to get out and about several times to do some errands, and gave David and me the chance to go spend some time together. What a wonderful gift that was. We just went to Barnes and Noble, but to sit and enjoy a hot cocoa and pick out some books was just what I needed. David even got the chance to read some comics :).
The rest of the Bunge family came in later in the week. Mike (David’s dad) and Kevin (brother) arrived early Wednesday evening, and David’s sister, Katie, drove down early Thursday morning. We had a great Thanksgiving meal and just relaxed most of the day. The weather was nice enough to enjoy a walk with Harrison and David’s siblings. I even convinced David to watch a Christmas movie – Elf- on television.
Friday we were crazy enough to do some shopping. Since I had to be up early to feed Harrison anyway, we went ahead and took advantage of the sales. It honestly wasn’t that bad anywhere. That’s the advantage of living in a smaller town like Wake Forest, I guess. We were able to take care of some of our Christmas shopping and didn’t stay out too long. Good thing Harrison will be too young for awhile for us to need to worry about the “it” toys. I think we can depend on grandparents and cardboard boxes for a few years.
It was such a nice week, and to have family here for Thanksgiving meant a lot. It’s just the 4 of us for a few weeks until my brother, Scott, visits, and then we head home for Christmas. The holidays can be such a whirlwind sometimes. I hope that our family is able to take some time and slow down and enjoy each other and not be stressed by everything that comes along with this time of year. With that said, I’m off to stare at my beautiful, sleeping baby boy.
So that happened…


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