Some Early Christmas Celebrating

Yesterday our family headed to Whitsett, NC to visit our friends Drew and Jana. Not only were we getting to see their new home for the first time, but we were going to celebrate Christmas a little early with them. For the past four years (I think), we have been getting together each December to celebrate Christmas. Last year Jana was in Pittsburgh, but this year it was back to being the 5 of us :). The Rea family was kind enough to have us to their place and fix a delicious meal. Kudos to Jana!
Before we headed out, we had to bundle up our little bundle of joy. And, of course, we had the perfect cold weather gear for him. Here he is ready to hit the road.

Drew and Jana have a beautiful new home that I forgot to take a picture of. They just moved in a little over a month ago, but it was already very cozy. They had some lights up outside and the tree up inside. I was very envious of Jana’s kitchen and master bath. I sure could use a huge island in the kitchen, but maybe not as much as the nice bathtub. They have a really nice gas fireplace, but since they’re not sure what the switches on either side of it are for, they haven’t enjoyed it yet. I thought that was funny, but I didn’t exactly want them to experiment while we were there.
Anyway, after a nice meal we just hung out, talking and watching The Office. We also played some Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit. Not sure why I chose that game since last time we played Drew won. I at least came in second. Poor David didn’t get a single pie piece :(. Harrison actually stayed up long enough after a feeding for everyone to enjoy him. We did some tummy time and passed him around for cuddles. The last time Drew and Jana saw him was the day after he was born, and he didn’t exactly open his eyes for them. This time, though, his eyes were wide open and he was making lots of noises and doing cute things.

I also got the opportunity to have someone take a picture of me with my little man, and I think it turned out very well. I love him so much!

It was so nice visiting with our good friends, and it was even more special having our son with us this year. What a wonderful Christmas season this has been so far.


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