It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Today was gorgeous, and we took advantage of it. After some major play time this morning (Harrison was very excited in his jumper today),

Eating the yummy flower on my jumper

we headed to Durham to visit Duke Gardens in the afternoon. David met a friend to see a movie, so I took the opportunity to take my first visit to Duke Gardens. I was glad to share it with Harrison.
We ran into a classmate of mine from graduate school, Kaitlyn, as we started out. I got to meet her husband, Joe, and they got to peek at Harrison (he was sleeping at the time). They pointed us in the direction of the beautiful azaleas.

We pretty much walked around the perimeter after I realized the side paths weren’t ideally suited for the stroller. Note to self: take Harrison in front carrier next time. Harrison woke up early from his nap, but was so happy looking around at all the beautiful plants and flowers. We ended up stopping and laying a blanket down to play on.

Mommy doing her best to get a picture of her and little man

It was shame we had to go without Daddy. I can’t wait for us all to go back together.

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