It’s not easy being green… or yellow

Man oh man, it has been a rough week. Either Harrison or I have had something unpleasant going on the entire time. It all started last Friday evening. I noticed my throat was feeling very tight and I was coughing a lot. It felt like my throat was closing in on me even though I could breathe. It wasn’t an allergic reaction, but I assumed I was just getting bad allergies. I felt okay Saturday and Sunday other than waking up congested and having a headache. I didn’t feel so hot Sunday night, though, and ended up staying home Monday. I tried going to work on Tuesday, but ended up at home a few hours later. I felt much better by Wednesday, but Harrison, not so much.
Harrison had developed some greenie meanies in his eyes Tuesday, so David took him to the doctor Wednesday to get some antibiotics and stayed home with him. Later on around 6, we ended up with a screaming baby for almost two hours. I felt like it was his stomach, but we didn’t know if it was also an earache from all his congestion. We tried some Tylenol and it wasn’t long after that Harrison was reenacting Linda Blair’s scene from The Exorcist. I have never seen anything quite like it. We were both in awe and worried at the same time. Harrrison seemed better almost immediately. We gave him a bath and some Pedialyte, and he was out in about 15 minutes for the night. He was still recooperating Thursday most of the day, but by later that afternoon we pretty much had our little man back. Thank goodness.
Oh, and I’m still not really better. I’m actually at Urgent Care since this congestion and terrible cough won’t go away. Harrison also passed the eye cold on to me. Fun stuff!


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