Like Father, Like Son

Harrison had his 6-month checkup today, and it went fabulously. He weighed 17#, 5 oz (53%) and is 28″ (90%). So, no surprise that he is already taking after his father: tall and lean. Although, I wouldn’t call Harrison skinny. He is my little chunk ‘a munk, and I love his chubby thighs and legs. He is a healthy little man, that is for sure. The doctor was pleased with his development. Harrison got another round of shots, but Daddy said he took it like the little man he is and barely cried. It was over just as quickly as it started.  He’s already better than Mommy with that kind of thing. I think it’s because of all that good meat he’s got on his thighs :). He gets the coolest little band-aids, too. They are very rock star: shiny silver strips on each thigh.

I really can’t believe how quickly it’s all happening. On Mother’s Day, David told me not to cry when I was reading Harrison’s card and saying how fast it was going. He said, “But Mommy, I’m only 6 months”, and I replied, “But to me he’s already 6 months”. That’s why I make sure to take and give as many lovings as I can to my little man. I have to store some up for that day (hopefully in the very distant future) when Harrison won’t let me get away with that so easily.

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