Sittin’ Pretty

Our little man is doing such a good job sitting up. He had been doing some supported sitting for awhile, but we had to spread his legs apart pretty far if we wanted him to sit up without a pillow or us behind him. Well, for almost two weeks now (at least), Harrison has been sitting up on his own. I don’t mean that he sits up from a laying position, but he will sit up on his own once placed there. He even puts his arms out to his side sometimes to balance himself if he starts to topple. Oh, and he still thinks it’s funny to topple over once he does it. See, we laugh so he doesn’t cry. As hard as we may try to surround him with soft things so he doesn’t bang his head, he still manages to fall right onto the spot that isn’t covered. If we laugh or smile at him, he doesn’t usually get upset. He’s pretty tough anyway, though. A lot of times, he just rolls on over and moves onto something else to play with. Here’s some pictures of our little man “sittin’ pretty”.


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