Daddy Knows Best…

at least for one day out of the year. Father’s Day! I already posted here about the Father’s Day craft I Harrison made for his daddy, but that wasn’t the only thing we did for David’s first Father’s Day. No, no, no. Mommy (okay, I realize I constantly do this now; referring to myself in the 3rd person, but it’s because of talking to Harrison all the time and we call each other “Mommy” and “Daddy” in front of him) couldn’t just give Daddy 🙂 some gifts and call it a day. We started the day off right with a breakfast of David’s choosing: french toast with blueberry sauce and whip cream with bacon. He was very nice about the bacon part. I thought I had “real” bacon for him and instead I just had turkey bacon. He ate it and didn’t say a word. I love him so much. After breakfast, he opened up his gifts from Harrison, the onesie and a photo album with pictures of Harrison and David from day 1. Given that I had a plethora to choose from also showed me that I’m frequently the one behind the camera. David had told me this when he mentioned how much searching he had to do for his Mother’s Day slide show, but I didn’t really see for myself until I made the photo album. Oh, and I have to say that I scored on the photo album. Shutterfly sent me an email for a free 20 page 8×10 photo album, and I had a free shipping code. That made the decision a no-brainer. Gotta love being able to give Daddy such wonderful gifts and have the added bonus of almost free for both.
My gift to David was harder to come up with. I know I could’ve given David anything and he would’ve loved it, but I really wasn’t coming up with much. I decided on a Kindle because David reads a lot (magazines, newspapers, blogs, books) and this was a way to condense them all into one nice and doesn’t-take-much-space item. This also helps with the never ending, “Why are your magazines everywhere?! I can’t escape them. They’re on the kitchen table, coffee table, our bathroom counter top…”. I was just putting extra tissue boxes in the downstairs bathroom and discovered a New Yorker from who knows how long ago under the sink. Oh, and as a side note to my lovely husband: Do not tell wife about how you read that the price of said gift went down significantly after she bought it for you. Just sayin’. Did I say how much I love my husband?

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