Something cute: WubbaNub ™

So, I had never heard of WubbaNubs(tm) until a week ago. Harrison and I made a trip to Chapel Hill to meet my friend Heidi and her son, and he had this cute little monkey attached to his soothie. I don’t remember if she named it or not, but then I also saw a picture of another baby with one on a blog I follow. It says they are for infants 0-6 mos (so I guess Harrison is past one), but I don’t know how I went so long without hearing about these. This dragon one has me tempted.
Dragon WubbaNub (tm)
It may be silly, but I am seriously thinking about purchasing one for future baby Bunge or maybe to see if Harrison would still use it. I don’t know if they come pre-attached or if you can switch out the paci. This would’ve been a huge help when our little Houdini’s pacis were disappearing right and left. Anyway, this has been filed away under “something cute”.

1 thought on “Something cute: WubbaNub ™

  1. The soothie comes pre-attached so you are stuck with a 0-3 month paci, at least that’s what is on ours, they might make them with different ages. Dillon likes to use it as a teether now!

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