Something Crafty: Card Book

A few weeks ago, a blog I follow featured a great idea for organizing your baby’s cards – from baby showers, congratulatory cards, holidays, etc. I decided this would be a wonderful way to not only organize, but also showcase, all the cards we and Harrison have received. Usually, all the cards we get end up stacked and put away in a box. This was a very simple, albeit tedious, craft project. The first book I made is already full, but i will make another one. I want to add dividers for various cards (we’re big card and letter people around here). I think this will be such a nice way to house all these cards and to look back through with Harrison over the years.
I plan on taking this craft and running with it for other cards. I want to do one for Harrison’s birthday cards throughout the years and other holidays. I also plan on making one for our wedding and anniversary cards.

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