A Week of “Firsts”

Okay, maybe a week and a half is more accurate. At any rate, Harrison has started doing many things in the past week that he was not doing before. Little man is now climbing! It took all of a week for him to go from occasionally pulling to stand to using everything in sight to help himself up, and it took less than a day for him to figure out how to climb. This happened while we were at my parents’ home last week. I was thinking how perfect it was that they had a sunken living room so that Harrison could just crawl around and play without much worry. WRONG! That little booger almost immediately crawled to the edge and pulled up to stand. Then he starts “kneeing” the edge trying to figure out how to get up into the hallway. It was so cute to watch him try various maneuvers. He was even trying to grab the carpet to help pull himself up. That was very interesting since my parents have short carpet and there’s not anything to actually grab, per se. By late afternoon, Harrison was lifting his leg up and with a little assistance (my leg to pinch :(), he was getting up and over. The next day he didn’t need help (especially when Mommy left his view and he wanted to find me fast). Needless to say we were all amazed, and Daddy was very surprised when he arrived a few days later.

Harrison also started waving. This one baffles me, because we haven’t really “worked” on this. People always tell him “goodbye” and seem to wait expectantly (Come on people, he’s 9 months old. He’s not going to tell you “bye”). Well, this past Monday as David’s parents were leaving after seeing us off my dad was holding Harrison at the door and saying, “Bye, bye Nana and Grandpa.” Then I heard him say, “He’s waving!” I missed it, but I believed him. PaPa was so proud of Harrison :). Then, on Wednesday, as we were leaving Marissa’s, Harrison moved his hand up and down when she told him “bye”. He did it again yesterday morning when David walked in his room and as we were leaving Marissa’s today. I would say he’s now waving. Hoorah!
Harrison has added some other hand movements, too. He has been signing “want” pretty consistently for a month or longer, but we were still helping him sign “more” with hand-over-hand prompts. He had maybe signed it once or twice pretty clearly on his own. Well, the other day I was asking if he wanted more and signed it, and then he brought his hands together. He did this each time I asked and has been doing the same thing the past 2 days. We’re still working on “all done”, but he has done that a few times, too.
We are constantly amazed at his abilities. Just when you think they don’t quite know something or understand, they turn around and show you they do know and often times even more than you thought.

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