Going Rogue: Cloth diapers

At least, that’s how I feel. I have gotten responses that fall into 3 categories: 1.) Let me know how that works for you, 2.) You have fun with that, and 3.) Good for you. I will say that responses that fall into the first two categories are mostly from loving, well-meaning family and friends who just think I have too much on my plate as it is and think that making the switch to cloth diapers will add more to my plate. They think my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so to speak. From my research, both reading and talking to others who’ve “gone cloth”, I would say it actually seems much to the contrary. (Not so sure on my phrasing, there.) Rather than rehash what someone else has already said or written, I will just say that our main reasons were environmental and economical. We switched to Earth’s Best ™ diapers a few months back because they are chlorine-free and really not that much more than Pampers and because there were some scary reports about babies’ tushies reacting unfavorably to the new Dry Max line. We were  already discussing the cloth diaper switch, but I let naysayers convince me otherwise for the time being (again, all well meaning folks who had my best interest in mind). And without getting on my soapbox, David and I feel more than a little icky about all those diapers we just toss in the trash everyday (9-10/day!).

We made the decision to go with bumGenius after I we did our research. This was mostly because they offer an organic line.  A coworker of mine is using FuzziBunz, and says they are working great for her son. I will post more about it once we get going. I ordered them Friday, and they are due to arrive Tuesday. It’s also worth noting that David is gone this week, and I’m not so sure it isn’t just coincidence ;).  I am excited to have Harrison wearing cloth diapers, and from all that I have read and hear, he will be happy and so will his tushie :).

In all fairness, I feel it only right that I provide links to both sides of the Pampers story. Harrison did not have an adverse reaction, but we just decided to switch.  To read more, you can click here and here. bumGenius (unfortunately) and FuzziBunz did not pay or ask me to promote their product.  To read more about cloth diapers from another family’s perspective that helped influence our decision, you can read here or here.


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