Today, our family made the trek to beautiful Carrboro to attend an Oktoberfest celebration. One of David’s colleagues hosts this event every year for the past five years since he and his wife have moved back from Germany. We were invited last year, but didn’t go since David was going to the World Beer Fest in Durham, and I was, well, pregnant.
This year was different, though, and all three of us attended. We were glad we went. It was perfect fall weather. They had a great yard where we could put a blanket down and let Harrison play. There were a lot of other kids there, too, and a few were around Harrison’s age. He didn’t stay on the blanket, though. Apparently he is over his trepidation of grass, and was a crawling fiend. David and I couldn’t blink or he was halfway across the yard trying to steal food off someone’s plate :).
The evening was full of great food and company, and I hope we can make it a tradition. Next year we will definitely have to watch everyone’s food. Harrison’s favorite was the pretzel.

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