The Big 0-1!

…as my brother, Stephen, put it. Harrison turned 1 last Tuesday, and he went for his 12-month well check today. David and I can hardly believe it’s already been a year. Harrison has changed so much in this past year, I don’t even know where to begin. I think I may just rattle off what comes to mind and come back and edit as needed. Those who know me may think I write rough drafts before actually “publishing”, but I typically write these things on the fly. (Gasp!) Alright, people, hold onto your seats, because here we go:
1.) Harrison weighs 24lbs, 6 oz. He weighed in at just 7 lbs, 13 oz at birth, so he’s more than tripled his original weight! That puts him in the 75% for weight based on his height, which is…drumroll please
2.) 32″. Little man has grown 10.5″ in the past 12 months. He is >95%. David is definitely his daddy :).
3.) Stand up, be proud, shout your name out loud… Harrison decided that he could stand independently now that he’s 1. Seriously. 1, maybe 2, days before his 1st birthday, Harrison stood up in our bedroom using the bench and then let go holding a toy in his hands. On his actual birthday, he stood up 2 or 3 times while our neighbors were over without holding onto anything. When we were in MO this past weekend, he showed off his skills numerous times. I’ve got picture-proof, people!
4.) Cruisin’: Harrison isn’t walking yet (not worried at all about that), but he cruises along the furniture and walks along the room pushing his toys. Just yesterday he decided to walk sideways while pushing his lion. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he’s walking because he is finally walking toward us or others while holding hands, but for now, we’ll be content with where he is.
5.) Monkey child: Harrison climbs everything. The child will make attempts to climb on, over, and in everything. We’ve caught him in his toy baskets on more than one occasion, and just the other day he used his LeapFrog table to walk over to the ottoman and then proceeded to step onto the ottoman. He also tries to scale his gate. There is nothing for his toes to cling onto, but he will grab the top of the gate, pull himself up and have his feet flat against the mesh lining. A little scary how strong he is. One morning he appeared to be doing chin-ups. That’s impressive since Mommy can barely pull one of those off.
6.) Say what?!: Harrison likes to talk – A LOT. This is great since I’m a speech therapist, but still no “mama”. Actually, I hear it when he’s really frustrated and when he’s giving kisses, but it’s mostly “dada” this and “dada” that ;). I use that to my advantage, though. Harrison produces good approximations of “thank you”, “hi”, “yay”, “dada/dad/daddy”, “do” (dog), “duh” (done), “go”, “dai” (bye), “uh-oh” and “oh”. He is my little talker; when he wants to be.
7.) What’s your sign?: Harrison is consistently signing “more” and “all done” and shakes his head no (of course). He also puts his arms up for “so big”. He sometimes points at things or shrugs with his hands out for “where?” or “I don’t know”. He’s also good at waving “hi” and “bye”. It’s very cute.
8.) Hungry man: Still our good eater. B/f today consisted of bagel with cream cheese, banana and milk; lunch – turkey, mango, and veggies + milk; snack – blueberry yogurt; dinner – whole-grain blueberry waffles, eggs, and mango + milk.
9.) Moo – Harrison started drinking whole milk mixed in with breast milk last week. We are at 50-50 right now, working our way to 100% cow milk. I’m still pumping, so he’s still getting the “liquid gold”. We are working hard to get him to drink strictly from a cup or sippy cup, but he still prefers his bottle at times. He drank from a sippy cup during dinner, but wanted to finish his milk from the bottle afterward.
10.) Work hard/play harder – You can constantly see those gears turning in his brain. I love how our little man figures things out and observes so closely. He is quite the sponge and loves to learn new things. This is good – stacking cups, playing with cars, feeding himself and bad – climbing over the baskets to escape previously inescapable areas, climbing furniture, going up/down stairs, chucking cups and food halfway across the room, tantrums because we won’t let him do everything himself even though he can’t really do it…
11.) Chomp-chomp – Harrison has 8 teeth and working on more. His doctor informed us today that his molars were coming in. Awesome! (insert huge sarcasm) This has made Harrison love crunchy foods and chewing. Unfortunately, it also means some biting. Look at #10 for what happens when we don’t let him bite :(.
12.) Book worm – Harrison has always loved books. I think this is because David read to him before bed since he was born. Even when he didn’t want to be held for story time, Harrison still looked at the pictures when we read to him. Since he could sit, we would find him trying to turn pages in the books, and now he will go get a book and sit and flip through the pages while “reading” it (babbling, laughing, yelling). His favorites are “Goodnight, Elmo” and “I love you through and through”. He also enjoys eating his books.
13.) “Boy you look good, won’t you back that thang up…” A couple of months ago, Harrison started backing up. I guess David had noticed this earlier, but I didn’t notice until one morning when I finished feeding him and he sat up, turned around, lay on his stomach and began scooting back toward the edge of the bed to drop to the floor. He’s a pro at it now and does it everywhere. This past weekend after mastering going up the stairs at Grandpa and Nana Bunge’s, he mastered going down them backward. Man oh man!
I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff that I will come back and add. That’s it for now, though. Here’s a little slide show of how much Harrison’s grown over the past year.

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