Feeling a bit ornamental

Okay, so maybe that was a stretch (“ornamental” instead of  “sentimental”). I’m trying to get creative with the titles, but maybe it’s not working out. I wanted to post about the holiday season over here at the Bunge household since most none of our family will be able to personally view our house or smell the goodies baking. The creative and decorative juices were flowing this year, folks.  I used everything from recycled San Pellegrino bottles leftover from Harrison’s birthday party (you know for those babies with an acquired taste for water) and seasonal beer bottles,  to pine cones and blankets. Multifunctional was the name of the game, and so was budget. So, while I had a gift card to Michael’s left over from my birthday in July, I still got great deals on what I did buy thanks to holiday sales and coupons. The biggest splurge was the blanket-turned-Christmas tree skirt ($20) that I bought from Target. More about that later. We’ll start at the front door and work our way around and through the house.


2 thoughts on “Feeling a bit ornamental

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