Happy New Year!

Can I still say that? Sure, I can. I just did. Technically, I will let it pass since this is my first real post of 2011.  It’s more than a bit pathetic that I have failed to post until now. I had a lot of ideas for this first post and others which I still may do, albeit later than originally planned. To be honest, I’ve been busy with so many other things (none that I want to be busy with) that not much has been accomplished from a personal standpoint. Last Sunday, I just started taking down the Christmas decor. Our tree is still up, just minus any ornaments or tree skirt. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it. My dining room table is still decked out for the holidays. This one is okay with me because I don’t know what else to do after I take everything off. It actually looks substantial now, and I usually don’t do anything with it except place my lovely white bowl in the center with some twine balls inside of it. This has served me well, though. Sometimes people ask about the balls when they don’t know what else to say, or these people (usually the same ones) play with the balls. Yes, “these people” are usually, always, male. There’s the occasional female who can’t keep her hands off of them (she knows who she is), but…Okay, enough of that. I just realized this is headed in a very wrong direction.

That said, it seems I already don’t have time for anything, which is a bad sign since we are only 2 weeks into 2011. Can you resolve to resolve to make more time for things? I’ll just close with some words from Vince Vaughan (say what?!), “Your mind should be where your body is.”.


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