Free Food

… well almost. You can sign up and join Earth Fare’s “Welcome Home” program. Even if you already subscribe to their weekly newsletter (which I do), you create a new account and receive a coupon for a free meal: Free whole, natural chicken (or veggie burgers), organic baby carrots and rustic mashed potatoes. All you have to do is spend $10 in the store on other items (which is easy for most people). Once you sign up, you also get weekly emails about other great coupons. This week, I received one for free organic chocolate truffles with $5 purchase. Most of the time to get your free item, they require a minimum of $5 purchase. I figure it’s worth it because if I’m going in there to get some groceries, I am likely spending $5, and I might as well get something free out of it.

While our family doesn’t do our regular grocery shopping at Earth Fare, I am a big fan of theirs. They implemented a no paper or plastic bag policy a while back to cut down on waste, and our family has taken advantage of their deals numerous times. They have a great program, the Boot Challenge, where they offer to replace certain household items that aren’t so awesome with all-natural or organic items; this is regardless of how full the item you’re trading in is. This week, you can trade in your yucky (maybe not, I don’t know what you use) toothpaste for an all natural variety. Our guest bathroom may actually still have some old toothpaste I haven’t replaced, so I think I will be taking advantage of this one while also getting my free truffles and meal. Hmm, can anyone say awesome Valentine’s meal for only $15?!

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