Let’s Get Cookin’

My little man loves the kitchen! Since we were in Missouri back in November and Grandpa Bunge gave Harrison a whisk and a bowl, it was a match made in cooking heaven :). This led to Harrison getting some mini kitchen utensils at Christmas, which he enjoys and lots of wanting to prevent help Mommy cook. The other week I caught Harrison pushing one of the bar stools toward the counter and then attempting to climb it so he could make a mess help Mommy make food. Lately, Harrison has enjoyed sitting in his chair and watching Mommy cook and explain what and how much of everything she’s adding in. While I’m willing to let Harrison help me stir dry ingredients in a bowl, I am not ready to (nor is he) let him help near the oven. He wants to hinder be helpful in the kitchen, but it’s difficult to get him to understand that he cannot do everything.

What does any of this have to do with anything? Unfortunately I do not have a cute video of Harrison annoying me being helpful in the kitchen. David usually isn’t home yet, and I can’t in good conscience whip out the video camera while Harrison is attempting to maneuver his way through the kitchen obstacle course. This I do wish I had on video because little man has become quite adept at ducking, army crawling, walking and climbing his way around. Any way, in hopes of distracting Harrison and playing into my Ikea affection (addiction?), I couldn’t pass these up over the weekend.

Grandma B. got one set, and I got the other. They are supposed to be Valentine’s gifts, but they may just come out randomly as needed. A mommy’s got to have provisions :).

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