Away I Go

*I originally drafted this Wednesday night on my flight to Minnesota.

“Dye-dye”, said Harrison (a little too excitedly if you ask me), as I left to go on a trip for the first time without my little man. I thought I would be excited – this is my first trip by myself since Harrison was born. I am headed to Minnesota for four days to attend a symposium on children with special needs and to see a good friend. I get to educate myself, spend time with a dear friend, and not worry about feeding, changing, or dressing someone else. (At least, I hope not. That is NOT what I planned on for this trip.)

Instead, I found myself clinging to reasons to delay leaving. Harrison wasn’t feeling well – just yesterday we took him to the doctor and discovered he had a double ear infection. David just kept reassuring me as I annoyingly reminded him about Harrison’s antibiotic (“Okay. Twice a day. You will remember to give it to him twice a day. Even if he’s feeling better. He has to take it until it’s gone.”) and giving him the Pedialyte (“But don’t just give him that. He doesn’t need to get use to drinking that ‘juice’. Make sure to give him a little bit of milk so he won’t starting refusing that.”) and making sure to feed him (“Balanced meals. Don’t feed him ice cream and too many crackers/bread products.”) – Why he didn’t reach out and slap me grab me by the shoulders to inform me he had been present the past 15 months of Harrison’s life I don’t know.

David and he couldn’t possibly go four days without me. I required multiple hugs and kisses from Harrison (Harrison started to turn and shrink away after the 20th hug and kiss) and just a few from David. Heck, I even hugged the dog. He’s been on my last nerve lately, so I was definitely stalling. Finally, I headed off, more than a little behind schedule, only to see my gas light come on. I immediately called David and asked if I could make it to the airport (I could), and if he was sure I could do the Pre-Flight parking and make my flight (I could. He promised.).

Well, here I am en-route to Minnesota (don’t ask me why I am since there’s 13″ on the ground there and it’s at least 40 degrees colder), and so far, so good. Somehow, my boys are surviving without me. Although I did talk to David, and he’s already managed to take Harrison to Wal-Mart and get to the checkout only to realize he left his wallet at home. I couldn’t help but smile at that one. Maybe they need me just a little bit…

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