15 Months, Baby!

(well, almost 16 by now), although Harrison just had his 15-month well check about 2 weeks ago. Time sure flies, and Mommy wants it to slow down a little bit. We were on a walk the other day, and I commented to David how I couldn’t believe how Harrison had grown. I brought up last Mother’s Day when Harrison was 6 months, and David told me, “Don’t cry, Mommy (for Harrison), I’m only 6 months old.” And, to that, I replied, “Yeah, but to me he’s ‘already’ 6 months old.” Well, here were are about 10 months later, if you can believe it. Anyway, back to Harrison’s well check. Not surprisingly, he was 33 3/4″ tall (>95%) and 25 lbs, 13 oz(70% for height). He took his 3 shots like a champ, even if he didn’t like them initially. Daddy did great, but Mommy always struggles a bit. I was trying so hard to put on a happy face and entertain Harrison. I have to give kudos to the nurse for being so quick about it. Just as quickly as he started crying, Harrison was smiling and talking. Plus, can you really complain when you get shiny silver band aids on your battle wounds? (I think not) The doctor was a little concerned about these pimple-like bumps on the back of Harrison’s right leg. She said it looked viral, but he seemed fine otherwise. She recommended a 1% Hydrocortisone 2x/day along w/ his Cetaphil. We also changed his bath soap/shampoo to baby Aquaphor. Apparently, he’s sensitive even to the Method baby and Burts Bees soaps. Our little man has beautiful, but very sensitive, skin.

So, this is what’s going on now that Harrison is 15-months:

1.) Harrison is walking/running everywhere any time he gets the chance. The only time we get to hold him is when he’s tired. This is great for the most part. When we arrive home, we get Harrison out of his car seat and set him on the driveway to walk to the front door. Most of the time this is where he goes, but sometimes he heads toward the backyard. This makes for longer trips to the house, but it’s worth it for allowing Harrison his independence. Plus, it frees up my hands to carry everything in instead of making several trips or looking like a circus act as I juggle child in one arm and 5 other things in the other.

2.) Harrison’s hair continues to grow, and it’s still not clear whose hair he has. We both had lighter hair as toddlers, but Harrison seems to have more hair than I did at that age. He also seems to have David’s cowlicks. He’s had one hair cut (back at Christmas), but already needs another one. That hair doesn’t want to stay out of his eyes. I like the “crazy bird” look, but David wants to tame it a little bit.

3.) Our awesome eater is becoming a little more of a picky eater. I know this is common for his age, but it’s still not without its frustrations. Harrison now scoffs at foods he eagerly anticipated just one or two months ago. He bats spoons of lovely vegetables out of our hands. He looks at us with a certain je né sais quois before throwing handfuls of food on the kitchen floor. David and I are walking a fine line between refusing to be short order cooks and making sure Harrison gets enough to eat. We just stick with what we’re doing since Harrison seems to regulate pretty well. It does help if we all eat together and eat the same thing. Sometimes we find ourselves feeding him and then eating after he goes to bed because we’re trying to make sure he gets to bed around 7, and a dinner for everyone just isn’t happening before that. We seem to struggle most when that occurs.

4.) The teeth keep on coming. I think at 12 months, Harrison had 8 teeth, working on 10 and 11. Now he has 12 teeth, working on 13, 14, and 15 possibly. I just spotted a lower canine this morning, which likely ties into #3. We find that Harrison is pickier about food and develops irregular sleeping patterns during the day when he’s teething. He’s also been seeking a lot of oral input lately from his fingers and toys.

5.) Little man is talking a lot – to us, to the dogs, to the neighbors, to random person at Target… He also likes to chat with his toys (which is extremely adorable). We by no means understand everything he is saying, but he says it with such emotion and passion, that we feel like we know what he’s talking about. Not to say that Harrison doesn’t have some intelligible word approximations and words (some of these may be repeats from 12 months): “nigh-nigh” (night-night), “nilk” (milk), “daddy”, “mama”, “hi”, “dye” (bye), “down”, “no”, “no” (nose), “eye”, “socks”, “shoe”, “duh” (door), “ta ca” (trashcan), “I cea” (I clean), “moo”, “yum”, “woof”, “yeah”, “ba” (ball), “nana” (banana; sorry Nana), “appuh” (apple), “oguh” (yogurt), “pease” (please), “muh” (more), “wahwuh” (water). He still signs “more”, “please”, and “all done”, which is very helpful when his words aren’t as clear or he gets frustrated.

6.) Harrison has become quite the little helper. He is all about wiping his hands and face after meals & wiping his place mat, which is good after the mess he can make (see #3). When he gets down from a meal, he also likes to take a swipe of the floor to clean that, too. He must throw his trash away, of course. And we already have him learning where the recycle is for when items go there. It’s so awesome to have him helping (mostly). He will also put his clothes, along w/ shoes, toys, etc in his laundry bin and put toys away. His receptive skills continue to delight me. I will tell him, “It’s time to go upstairs for bedtime”, and he knows he has to put his toys away and then he heads upstairs to his room.

7.) Sometimes, Harrison can be a little monster, but we know that this is something we all have to suffer go through, and we’re working with our little man. We ignore unless he might hurt himself, so the tantrums tend not to go on too long. We are also working hard to tell Harrison what to do or what he can do instead of “No” and what not to do. This seems to benefit everyone.

8.) Harrison likes to hand out the hugs and kisses. Mostly to Mom and Dad (which is fine by us), but he will blow kisses and hug others when asked. The other day he got plowed over by someone, and, although he was upset, he reached out and hugged the other little boy. I was very proud at that moment, and I just had to hug him back. He seems to think when I want a kiss that I am leaving, so he will start telling me, “Dye-dye”. Granted, I always request my hugs and kisses before I leave, but sometimes I have to tell him, “Mommy’s not leaving. I just want your good lovings.” :).

So, 15 months, and I wouldn’t ask for things to be any other way (okay, no tantrums would be nice. Who are we kidding?). Harrison is a very loved little boy, and he definitely shows his love to us.

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