Doubly Blessed

Well, I won’t beat around the bush. David and I are expecting again. We wanted to wait until 12 weeks to announce like we did last time because by that time we’ve had an ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. Well, when we went we thought it was an April Fool’s joke. I mean, who has an ultrasound on April 1, and who finds out what we did. WE. ARE. HAVING. TWINS!!!!!!!! I’m about to pass out with anxiety joy just typing this. The doctor was kind enough to give us an ultrasound so we would be convinced she wasn’t joking around on this (because we were certain she was. We even thought there had to be some way they fixed the image.). It was no prank. I give you my ultrasound.

This is not my ultrasound. We're not really having twins. Psych!


2 thoughts on “Doubly Blessed

  1. Yes, this whole thing is a joke. We will not be using the blog or Facebook to inform people of our pregnancy. At least not our close friends and family (which you are).

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