Bedroom Art

… that got your interest, didn’t it? This is a relatively boring post about, well, the art in our bedroom. It was long overdue, considering our walls were bare except for a couple of shelves we put up a couple of years ago. Last summer, we framed and put photos from our maternity and newborn session with Harrison above our bed. Here’s a close up shot.

And, here’s another shot from the doorway.

The latest addition was this print I gave David for his birthday this past December.  I thought it made a nice addition next to the dresser. I love the colors in the print and how the designer used our college colors and fonts. The best part is the important dates included. Don’t ask me what happens if/when we have another child. And those flowers on the right are a Mother’s Day gift from Harrison. More on that in a later post (I have some catching up to do).

And, another shot.

So, that’s a little update on our bedroom art. We’ve made several updates to the bedroom, which I plan on posting about soon. I hope.


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