Mother’s Day Love

Mother’s Day was obviously over a month ago, but this is the first time I am getting around to sharing my wonderful day with everyone.

It started with breakfast in bed served by my two wonderful boys (okay, one boy and one man). David made overnight caramel rolls for me, and Harrison brought me flowers :). These weren’t just any flowers. These were handmade flowers from coffee filters and food coloring.

My gorgeous Mother's Day flowers

They were perhaps the most beautiful flowers I have ever received! Harrison agreed because he didn’t want to give them to me. He wanted to hold on to them for his own. Oh, the joys of an 18-month-old attempting to give someone a gift.

David got me a gift certificate to attend an all-day cake decorating class, which I am very excited about. I love baking and am thinking I can learn some wonderful, creative ideas for creating beautiful cupcakes and cakes for future celebrations. Who knows, maybe I will learn how to do this:

or this:

Shoot, as long as I can do this, I’ll be happy.

I got to spend the day with my two best guys (sorry, Truman), and that, in itself, made a great Mother’s Day. I felt so loved and blessed.


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