…That’s how Harrison asks for one of his favorite books (lately), Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse and Barbara Lavallee. I know I’m the one who purchased this book, but I don’t know when (B.H. – Before Harrison or A.H. – After Harrison). I just know that Harrison loves it right now (i.e., this week), and I love reading it to him.

Lately, Harrison has had a new favorite each week. Last week it was Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?and a few weeks ago it was A Color of His Own. He has always loved books. One of the first syllable structures he put together was “ook” while holding a book and/or flipping through a book. I love when he wants to read a book over and over, because that tells me he enjoys it and wants to learn it. David falls more into the category of “new book every night”. Needless to say, he tries to get him to pick something different every time Harrison says, “Mama. Mama”. I have to remind David that it’s not up to him what Harrison’s bed time story is, it’s up to Harrison. (Maybe someone should remind me of that when Harrison keeps saying “Round and round” and “more” even though I’ve sung “The Wheels on the Bus” 50xs.).

Anyway, I like to think that Harrison likes this book so much because the lesson is that no matter what your child says or does or how they may test you, you always love him. I think I’m on the right page, at least, because when I get to the part where the little girl asks the mother what if she dropped and broke their eggs, Harrison says “forry” (sorry) :).

I didn’t realize how much we’d read this book until Harrison requested, “Mama” in the car today, and I could practically tell the entire story from memory. In order! Of course, I had it down pat after he requested “More, please” for the fifth time during the 20-minute car ride. Did I mention he also wanted me to read it at bedtime tonight?


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