Something Tasty: Lemon Orzo Salad

Cooking in the summer has always been difficult for me. Not because I don’t enjoy cooking. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I really love cooking, and I struggle with making meals in the summer that don’t have me and the kitchen really warm by the time it’s all said and done. Plus, I don’t really like heavy foods in warm weather. This means I need something quick and yummy. Enter, lemon orzo salad with asparagus and tomatoes. I found this on Pinterest (seriously, you need to join if you haven’t yet. I probably sent you an invite). Doesn’t it just look yummy?!

It was delicious and super easy. Harrison kept asking for “More, please” (like 3 times) and saying, “Juicy” (for the tomatoes). The great thing was that I had everything on hand. I knew what I wanted to use, and it happened that I had pinned this recipe just yesterday. High-five to myself. Here’s a link to the recipe. I’m not sure what fresh asparagus runs these days at the store since I’m not sure it’s in season anymore, but I always have a bag of frozen asparagus spears from Trader Joe’s in my freezer. I also used lemon juice since I didn’t have a fresh lemon. Now, make it and enjoy!

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