There’s No Place Like (Mom and Dad’s) Home

Yes, in less than a week, we will be living with my parents for about a month. Let me explain.

David and I have always known we would be back in Missouri some day. That day came a little sooner than we thought when David found out from work that we could make the move. So, we started our house hunt back in July when we made our summer trip home. We only looked at 7 houses, but we were excited about the possibilities. That excitement quickly turned to disappointment after only liking 1 of the homes we looked at. Pictures sure tell a different story than seeing a house in person.

After deciding not to make an offer on the one house we liked (it didn’t seem like the right fit, and we knew there were better options), we had to start over again. That meant another trip to Missouri (i.e., more money) and a lot more homes to see. We decided that I would make the trip alone. I saw 20 houses in 2 days (5 or 6 that I didn’t go in after pulling in the driveway), and came away with 3 that I felt were our potential next home. That was widdled down to 2 after David didn’t agree with the 3rd home. In retrospect, I probably let all the upgrades of that home cloud my judgement. The house really wasn’t big enough if we were going to grow our family, and the price was too high for the house we would be getting.

So, we had 2 homes to make an offer on (hopefully only 1). The first home had me very excited. There was an awesome room off the kitchen with a second fireplace that seemed perfect for family gatherings and especially a Christmas tree. This room made the house. Unfortunately, someone else thought so, too, and we were forced to make our best and final offer. That offer wasn’t good enough, and the house wouldn’t be ours.

Okay, there was a second home, and we were still excited about that one. Surely we would have a new home soon. We made our offer only to find out the house was already under contract, but with a kick-out clause. That meant the other potential buyer hadn’t sold his home. Although we knew he offered close to asking, we were hopeful since we already sold our home. The seller didn’t see it that way, and he decided that he would hope for the best with the other buyer. Bummer.

So, we’ve spent the past few weeks looking at listings from our agent, David’s parents, and Zillow. They’ve checked out neighborhoods and open houses and let us know what’s worth a second look. For them we are extremely grateful. It certainly hasn’t been the process we expected.

So, at almost 30, and with a child, we are moving back in with my parents for a month or so. That sounds a little sad, but there are definitely some pros:

  • We have family to move in with. Not sure what we would do, otherwise.
  • Harrison gets to spend lots of time with both sets of grandparents.
  • We will save money that would’ve gone toward a mortgage payment and utilities. Of course, we will contribute to groceries and household things like cooking, cleaning, and laundry.
  • We can take our time finding the home that is right for us without feeling rushed over a weekend.
A month is a long visit for anyone, so we hope to hit the ground running looking as soon as we are back. Hopefully our next home is in our near future.
Anyone else have house-buying woes, or has it been smooth sailing? You’d sure make us feel better knowing we aren’t the only ones out there who have been in this type of situation.
Cartoon image found here.

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