House Hunters: The Real World

No, it’s not a pitch for a reality television show. Although, perhaps if the show had done more to show the ups and downs of house hunting, I wouldn’t feel like it was so off-base. I mean, how many people look at only three homes before deciding on one? (If this was true for you, I don’t want to know.) We looked at a whopping 50 houses this time around. That’s right, 5-0! That does not include the 6 houses we looked at multiple times when deciding which one(s) we wanted to make offers on. Yep, we made offers on 3 other homes before we ended up with our current home. I couldn’t be happier with our current home, but that is not the feeling I had while going through the house-buying process.
You might be thinking, “Didn’t you already buy a house once?. Weren’t you familiar with the process, and that it can be difficult at times?”. We did look at a lot of homes the first time around, but once we decided on one, that was it. We went back and forth with the sellers a few times, and we came to an agreement. This time around, we made offers on 3 other homes. The first seller had multiple offers, the second seller was insulted by our offer, and the third seller wouldn’t budge on their price. Talk about being disheartened. I felt that surely this was a test of my patience. I mean, how else could we pick not one, not two, but three homes that felt themselves to be so desirable that in a market where it is difficult to sell a home, these homes would rather stay on the market than negotiate. These homes were pretty proud of themselves.
Fortunately, we found a home that was perfect for us. We found a home on a cul-de-sac in a nice neighborhood. It’s set back from the main road, so we don’t get much traffic noise. There are lots of trails and sidewalks nearby for walking and running. The home itself is nice and open with plenty of room for a 2-year-old to run around and play and his parents to be able to keep an eye on him. There’s also room to have guests and support a growing family in the future. The best part (according to Harrison) is his park, or play set, in the back yard. We have lots of plans for the house, but for now, it’s serving us well the way it is. We want to take it nice and slow and make this house our home. We plan on being here for a while.

*The pictures in the slideshow are ones I took at our final viewing. I haven’t taken pictures of the house with our furniture. 

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