A New Tradition

I saw this: 

And I decided to do this:

I made some modifications, obviously. I wanted to use items I already had on hand for this project, and I didn’t feel like searching for cloth bags and fabric paint. I also didn’t hang ours from the mantle, as we already had that decorated and our stockings hung. I liked the idea of hanging this upstairs so Harrison could come out of his room each morning and take a bag.

So, what is it, exactly? Well, I don’t like to call it an Advent calendar, because that’s not what it is despite all the misconceptions about Advent calendars. This is really a Christmas “calendar”. I put an ornament in each bag (appropriate for Harrison), and hung them on a paper Christmas garland I purchased from Target for $3. Only 9 bags fit at a time since I didn’t use a longer garland, but that’s fine. I will switch them out after day 9. I also decided that day 25 will have a new ornament. We have a tradition on my side of the family to gift an ornament on Christmas. I found a John Deere tractor ornament at Hallmark. Harrison is really into all types of vehicles, and he loves tractors!  I’m still not sure how we’ll do the last few, though, because we plan on being with family the few days before Christmas.

Harrison is enjoying the ornaments so far, and he loves picking a place on the tree for them. Mommy is being very good about letting him choose anyplace he wants and not encouraging him to pick other spots, even if it leaves the tree a bit off-balance. Here are a few pictures from our first day.

Trying to find "1"

"What's in here?"

A "first Christmas" ornament

I am excited to start this tradition with Harrison, and I can’t wait to continue it over the years with him and future children. Anyone else have Christmas traditions from over the years or ones they started this year?

Advent bag image found here.

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