Christmas Cheer

With a lot more space in our new house, and Harrison being a year older (i.e., very into Christmas), I decided we needed to do some more decorating around the house. It’s hard not to get excited this time of year; especially, when you have a child, about putting up a tree, hanging lights inside and out, and adding little signs that Christmas is coming in every room. You can read about our new Christmas tradition here.

In addition to my usual slew of Christmas decorations (see last year’s post here), I changed some things up and added some other decorations. Some of it was out of necessity (more rooms) and some because it’s nice to change it up. I did run into a few problems. For example, we didn’t have room in our last dining room to have to leaf in our table, so 4 place settings was enough. Now, we have the table leaf in, and I don’t have anything to go  in 2 extra spots.

Other changes were much welcome. We decided to go back to a real tree this year. We’ve had a fake tree for the past several years because we lived in North Carolina and always came home for over a week (i.e., the tree would get really dry, and we were really worried it would be a fire hazard). This year, we enjoyed taking Harrison to a tree lot to pick out a nice 7 1/2 – footer to put in the living room. I must say, I love the look and smell of it. We donated our other tree to my brother and his fiancée this Christmas.

With another living space upstairs, I had another room to decorate. That’s where we hung Harrison’s ornament bags, and I made a light decoration to hang around the big window. This was my inspiration:

I just used leftover scrapbook paper I had from several years ago and made mine Christmas-themed. Here’s how they look upstairs: No picture, because even though I wrote this draft before Christmas, I didn’t take pictures and then we took decorations down. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a front porch on this house, so that meant no lighted-garland on the porch railing. David did hang some around the door and put some lights on the bushes. I’m hoping to score some deals right after Christmas on lights so we can buy some more for next year. All in all, I think it looks good, though.

So, what have you been doing to bring Christmas cheer to your house (if you celebrate)?

We’ve also been DIY’ing some Christmas gifts around here. I’ll post on that later. 

Image for paper cup lights found here

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