A Few Resolutions

Tomorrow is February, and I’m just now posting about my New Year’s resolutions. I actually came up with them on New Year’s Eve, and I have worked hard to stay on track with them. I figure by posting them for others to read, I will be more accountable because someone might (?) ask me how one or some or all of them are going.

1. Be more flexible. This is not about stretching more or getting better with Yoga or Pilates. No, this is in reference to Harrison. I realize I am often too strict about Harrison’s “routine”; mostly, his bedtime routine. This is not a big deal when we are at home since there’s not any reason for him to be awake if it’s nap or bedtime. However, I often find myself being too strict about his sleep schedule when we are around family or friends. I need to be better about realizing 30 minutes here and there (or even an hour) is not going to hurt Harrison. In fact, he’s probably more likely to be better off if I could relax a bit. If I really face facts, it’s more about me than it is him.

2. Be more patient. I feel like this is a resolution I make every year. That’s probably because every year I realize I have completely and utterly failed at this resolution. Like people who fail a week or two in with diet and exercise resolutions (I rock at those), my practice in patience quickly falls to the wayside. Not only will this help me, but it will help my family. I want to be a good model for Harrison (and our 2nd son, soon). There are too many times I see how he reacts to a situation, and I see myself. This is not something one wished to pass on to her child.

3. Get more organized. I feel pretty organized until I realize I am constantly re-organizing and hashing up new schemesways to be better organized because once again I have a pile of stuff next to my side of the bed or my desk or in my closet… One way I have already started doing this is joining this 52 week organizational challenge.

4. Think before I talk. I have a penchant for sarcasm. I also have a bad habit of saying things I later or immediately regret. It can be little things like asking Harrison, “Why did you do that?!”, to which he isn’t going to respond very well to or complaining about the way David did something instead of being thankful that he did it.

5. Spend more time just playing with Harrison. This one’s pretty simple. I just need to play with Harrison and not worry too much about the “point” of the activity. I also get too focused on what I need to get done for the day that I don’t enjoy the moment enough.

6. Hand over the camera more and get more pictures of family (even if those members scoff). We have a problem. We either have numerous photos of an occasion, and I am the one who took all of them; therefore, I am in none of them or we don’t have any or very few pictures. Take this past Christmas as an example. I took most of the photos, I was only in 2 photos, and there were no pictures of Harrison with either set of grandparents or other relatives unless they were in a photo I was taking of something he was doing. That is very sad.

Here’s hoping these resolutions go well. I feel like I made a quality list, and I do not want to make this same list again next year.

Anyone else care to share their resolutions? 


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