All Aboard The Potty Train

Anyone else remember that scene from Look Who’s Talking (not sure which one) where Kirstie Alley and John Travolta are doing a potty dance to make a big deal out of going potty? Well, think about that, and then think the exact opposite. That is our approach to potty training with Harrison. I guess I should more appropriately call it “toilet independence”.
We knew months ago that we could have started Harrison on this journey. It really was more about us. No one enjoys changing diapers (and, in our case, spraying them and washing them), wiping poopy butts, rinsing wet pants. But, somehow, the prospect of potty training seemed daunting. We kept coming up with reasons not to:
1.) Harrison doesn’t seem ready. Not necessarily true because he wants to watch us use the toilet, and he’s interested in the process.
2.) Boys usually potty train later. I don’t like this excuse with boys and talking, so why am I willing to use it with potty training?
3.) We have a busy week, and it will be too hard to keep a consistent schedule (you should take them every 1-2 hrs, at least).
And the excuses went on. We went to pick out a toilet and underwear almost two weeks ago, and we still came up with reasons to delay starting another week.
Well, we bit the bullet and started the journey to toilet independence yesterday. The main impetus: school! David dropped off Harrison’s registration packet for school last week, and they said he could go ahead and start in March. That’s a month earlier than we thought. That’s awesome because that gives us a month of school (i.e., free mornings) before baby comes and gave us the kick in the butt we needed to just start. See, Harrison is starting Montessori school, and they technically don’t take children until 2 1/2 (otherwise, they have to have a daycare license), but they are willing to let Harrison begin early (too much to explain in this post). That means he has to be toilet independent. An accident here and there is okay, but not 3-4. We get it and appreciate that, so we are willing to make the effort now to “get ‘er done”.
Day one was awesome, in my mind. We had 2 1/2 (one was very little, and Harrison informed me he needed to go) wet accidents. That’s to be expected. Harrison also peed in his toilet 5 times, and was very proud of himself.
For anyone interested, we are not promising or giving rewards. We tell him matter-of-factly that it’s time to go potty (if he doesn’t say anything). If he produces, we show him what he did and let him help put it in the big toilet and flush. If he doesn’t produce, we just tell him he can try again later.
Morning times are hardest because we aren’t focusing on overnight training right now. That means Harrison wakes up wet and/or with a b.m., and he doesn’t understand why he has to sit on his toilet. This morning I heard him arguing with David, “But I already pooped, Daddy!”.
It’s a process, and hopefully one that we make through in one piece. I shouldn’t be so serious. I really am not too worried, and I know it takes some time.
Anyone else working on this at the moment? What approaches are you taking? Or, maybe you’ve been through it and want to share encouragement/words of wisdom.


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