Nursery Progress: Update #3

This is the biggest progress post to date. There’s actually more to show this time than one completed wall (although, that one wall took a long time and probably deserved a few posts of its own). If you’ll recall, we started with this:

Bedroom before we moved in.

Then, we had this, along with an otherwise empty room:

A lot of tape and a bit of paint later...

And, we eventually had this. The room was still otherwise empty:

The "feature" wall.

Well, we now have this to be proud of. And, I do mean proud. We loved Harrison’s room at our first home, but we invested so much more into this room because we had NOTHING! I take that back; we had the blinds and the storage basket we decided to repurpose as an ottoman for the chair. Here’s the room, so far.

View from the door.

Close-up of storage and soon to be changing table.

One of my favorite views.

The rest of the room.

While we are quite pleased with how the room is turning out, there is still a lot to do.

  1. We have to finish making that shelving unit a changing table. We are also hanging a mobile I made above it and adding some art on the wall above it. Something like this:
  2. I’m not sure about the curtains. They were a great deal at Target, but I feel like that side of the room is too “gray-heavy”. I know there’s a lot of color on the feature wall and the bedding is light, and we have some contrast pieces on the chair, but I feel like we need some more cream or yellow in the curtains. I’m thinking of buying some fabric and having my mom help me (because I can’t do it) sew some contrasting panels on the top and bottom of the curtain panels.
  3. We have two shelves (featured next to the chair) to hang on the wall. I want to put a few books and stuffed animals in them.
  4. We have some art to hang on that blank wall next to the doorway. We just need to come up with a layout we like so we can make a template and then get it up on the wall.
  5. I made some wall hooks that we need to hang next to the closet to display some cute outfits and swaddles.

So, not a lot as you can tell… Actually, it sounds like a lot to do, but most of it is completed and just waiting to be “installed”. This stuff takes a lot longer to do when you have a toddler and you’re getting more and more pregnant. I know we can do it, though.

To read how we started and the progress before this, you can read here and here

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