A Tale of Two Pregnancies: Part 1 of ?

I haven’t really posted much on this pregnancy other than nursery updates. Not via blog, and certainly not via Facebook. Sure, there’s been the occasional, “I feel tired” or “Not feeling so great today”, and a couple “status updates” about appointments (I was seriously upset about that Glucose screen). There are a myriad of reasons. Some of them silly: How many people will care that we’re having a 2nd child? Some of them serious: Yes, we’re 12 weeks, but what if something happens and I’ve gone and told over 100 people I’m pregnant?; Why tell over 100 people when the ones I really want to tell, I’ll tell in person or via phone call? (Sorry if I offended some of you.) And, if I were really honest about it, I just didn’t think to post about the pregnancy this time around. Not because we weren’t overly excited about this baby, but because it was just different. I’m not sure how to explain it.

Like my pregnancy with Harrison, I just knew I was pregnant this time. My younger brother was actually visiting us, and I took the test before taking him to the airport. It’s a funny feeling knowing you’re pregnant, but not telling your brother. I was only 6 weeks along, and I wanted to first share the news with David. Last time, I made a big production about telling David, but this time (for a variety of reasons), I just wanted to tell him immediately. I did go to Target after taking my brother to the airport and purchase a “little sister” and “little brother” onesie. When I got home, I got them both out and asked Harrison which one he liked. David just looked at me and said, “Seriously?!”, and then gave me a huge hug (and maybe a kiss). Harrison joined in on the love fest because he always wants to be part of lovings.

Needless to say, we were an excited family, but things just happened differently this time around. We had sold our house and were in the process of moving to Missouri. I already wasn’t feeling well this time, and that lasted well into my second trimester. My work was getting very stressful, and we were trying to figure out what would be best for me professionally. To top it all off, we had Harrison who wasn’t quite two, but good luck telling him that. He was proving to be more than a handful for us. Basically, there was a lot going on. I was, and have been, very stressed throughout this entire pregnancy.

That feels like a good stopping point for now. Obviously, I’m not sure how many posts will be part of this series, but as I approach the end of this pregnancy (I’m 36 weeks now), I felt it time to write about this pregnancy.  I’m thinking I’ll delve more into my feelings (physically and emotionally) next time.


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